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Hi. I’m Ryan. I believe if you don’t track something it doesn’t exist. I love data. I love analyzing that data more. I write about it sometimes.
Total Distance: 180.0 miles (-20.4 miles) Total Time: 24:57:44 (8:20/mile average) The plan for November was to end at around 150 miles. I scaled back but not as much as I had originally planned. I wanted to ensure I had a safety net to accomplish the 2000 miles. I know how unpredicable Decembers are with the cold and the dark - motivation is hard to come by. I didn’t do too many long runs this month.
For the last month I have been living the multiple watch lifestyle: Garmin Forerunner 245 for my runs and my Apple Watch for everything else. I outlined the reason for this in my post Apple Health data considerations with Garmin Forerunner and an Apple Watch and then documented how you can still consolidate the data into Apple Health in my post Manually Add Data Points to Apple Health. It worked fine but it resulted in difficulties closing my Fitness rings - especially the Move goal.
Total Distance: 200.4 miles (-26.3 miles) Total Time: 27:25:52 (8:13/mile average) I’m late in getting this posted. I had grand plans to get a post out in early November that summarized my feelings regarding the election. The post never went anywhere because it was a meandering mess with no conclusions. When I shelved it I must have shelved the blog in my mind. The good news is that I continued my running through October.
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