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Total Distance: 135.9 miles (-44.1 miles) Total Time: 19:25:31 (8:35/mile average) This is quite late as in the next couple days I’ll be posting the 2021 January update but realized that I neglected to post about my December totals. I scaled back my running as planned in December. I spent a few of the weeks working through the Insanity workout. Ultimately I didn’t decide to do the entire 60 day program but the time I did spend definitely helped me feel stronger and more flexible.
People aren’t good at estimating how they spend their time. At least I was not good at it until I started to track things like my calendar events. I used to joke with friends and family that I’m a professional meeting attender. After explaining the meetings I attend each day I get “How do you have time to get anything done?” It’s difficult and has been getting more difficult. My data shows that I average around 6 events per day that take up over 4 hours.
Total Distance: 180.0 miles (-20.4 miles) Total Time: 24:57:44 (8:20/mile average) The plan for November was to end at around 150 miles. I scaled back but not as much as I had originally planned. I wanted to ensure I had a safety net to accomplish the 2000 miles. I know how unpredicable Decembers are with the cold and the dark - motivation is hard to come by. I didn’t do too many long runs this month.
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