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Jan 01, 2020
If I can track something I will track something. Many websites and devices have data on my usage. The problem is that they don’t talk to each other. The Health app on iOS collects a lot of great data. But can it correlate that health data to productivity metrics or my mood? No, it cannot. That is why I was so happy to discover the website Exist.io back in 2018. Since I signed up, it’s been the service that provides me with the most joy.
Dec 30, 2019
It is customary to start each new blog with a Hello world post. This is mine. Hello world! So what will this blog be? Professionally and personally I’ve always been interested in data. I work in product management for a software company where I manage our data & analytics products. At home I record data on myself and always try to optimize my life to be the happiest and healthiest version of me.
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