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2020 October Running Totals

Nov 14, 2020
  • Total Distance: 200.4 miles (-26.3 miles)
  • Total Time: 27:25:52 (8:13/mile average)

I’m late in getting this posted. I had grand plans to get a post out in early November that summarized my feelings regarding the election. The post never went anywhere because it was a meandering mess with no conclusions. When I shelved it I must have shelved the blog in my mind.

The good news is that I continued my running through October. I’m really in the middle of an unmatched time in my running career. If I look back at the last 3 months I’ve done a total of 626.3 miles. I topped 200 miles in the previous two months - something I had only done 3 times before. The one month I didn’t top 200 miles I was less than a mile away.

In the last post I said I would be taking my foot off the accelerator in the first two weeks of November. I didn’t quite do that, but the accelerator was taken off near the end of the month.

Despite the fatigue I thought I would have, early in the month I was feeling really good. Normally my first mile is quite slow and then I settle in to a good pace. This run started out quick and just got quicker. In fact here are the splits:

  1. 7:16
  2. 6:58
  3. 6:40
  4. 6:47
  5. 6:43
  6. 6.38
  7. 6:44
  8. 6:37

Overall I did 8.13 miles at a 6:48 pace. My 10k personal best is a 6:47 pace. If this was a race where the atmosphere helps push me along or I tapered and planned for it, I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to do.

A few days after that run I did my longest run since the build-up for the canceled May marathon. I went on a massive loop of the superbs of southwest Milwaukee for 18 glorious miles.

The plan for November is to hover around 150 miles total. With the colder weather it’ll minimize the amount of time I need to spend outdoors. It’ll keep me fresh for the last push for 2000 miles this year. It should also set me up for a strong follow-up performance in 2021.