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Exist Integrations - Enhance Your Exist Dashboard with data from more sources!

Feb 27, 2021

I’m excited to announce the soft launch of my new project: Exist Integrations. I’ve written about Exist before. My usage has only grown since my post last January. Exists value increases as more data comes into your Exist Dashboard. Exist Integrations augments the official supported services with more integrations.

The idea for this project came into light over 15 months ago. I created a POC that connected Trakt to Exist. I took shortcuts. It couldn’t scale to more users. Exist Integrations is my attempt to correct that.

Right now there is only one custom integration supported. More are on the Roadmap.

It supports an integration with Trakt. Trakt is a great site that contains all movies and TV episodes. You can mark them as watched or collected. I use it to keep track of what media I’m watching and when. Exist Integrations will connect to your Trakt account and pull your watch history. It then aggregates that data and sends it to Exist under the TV Minutes attribute. On the Manage Account page you can configure if you want to include Movies or include TV shows. I wanted this to be flexible.

Registration is completely free for Exist Integrations.

Next week I plan on writing a background on the technical aspect of Exist Integrations.

Exist Integrations