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I’m excited to announce the soft launch of my new project: Exist Integrations. I’ve written about Exist before. My usage has only grown since my post last January. Exists value increases as more data comes into your Exist Dashboard. Exist Integrations augments the official supported services with more integrations. The idea for this project came into light over 15 months ago. I created a POC that connected Trakt to Exist. I took shortcuts.
In my previous post I outlined how I’m using a Garmin Forerunner 245 and an Apple Watch with relevant data saved into Apple Health. In one section I mentioned that I’ve chosen to manually add data to Apple Health for 3 data points because Garmin sucks at syncing data reliably to Apple Health. In this post, I want to go into that detail a little more. Prerequisites to setup Apple Health First choose which data points are important to you.
I’ve been an exclusive Apple Watch and Apple Health user for the last 2 years. Though recently I moved to a dual-watch setup between the Apple Watch and a Garmin Forerunner 245. In this post I’ll go through why I made this change. I’ll also cover things to consider with your Apple Health data. I love Apple Health. Its function as a data repository for your apps and devices is simplicity at its finest.
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