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Total Distance: 180.0 miles (-20.4 miles) Total Time: 24:57:44 (8:20/mile average) The plan for November was to end at around 150 miles. I scaled back but not as much as I had originally planned. I wanted to ensure I had a safety net to accomplish the 2000 miles. I know how unpredicable Decembers are with the cold and the dark - motivation is hard to come by. I didn’t do too many long runs this month.
Total Distance: 200.4 miles (-26.3 miles) Total Time: 27:25:52 (8:13/mile average) I’m late in getting this posted. I had grand plans to get a post out in early November that summarized my feelings regarding the election. The post never went anywhere because it was a meandering mess with no conclusions. When I shelved it I must have shelved the blog in my mind. The good news is that I continued my running through October.
Total Distance: 226.7 miles (+27.5 miles) Total Time: 31:15:56 (8:17/mile average) After the hip injury discomfort in July I fell off of 2000 mile pace for the year. I righted the ship in August and was able to blow past the pace rabbit after a monster September. I topped 200 miles in the month for only the 4th time. A last day 10+ miler put me over my previous best of 225.
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